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The Guitar God Hast Cometh

Awesome Guitarists (other than myself)

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These are my favorite guitarists, or guitarradores in Spanish. ; )


Slash!!!!!(from Guns N Roses)

I don't even care what anyone thinks. Slash is just plain cool. He knows how to rock and he shows it to the max!!!!

Ryan = Guitar God


Stevie Ray Vaughn

Good old Stevie blastin some heavy tunes. Not really because he doesn't play very heavy tunes, but he's sure cool anyway!


Kirk Hammett lookin good as always

Yeah Will and I did our music report on Kirky. He's pretty cool. He worked at Burger King.


Keith Richards

HOLY CRAP! I almost cried when I saw this picture. I hate the Stones, but I love Keith, and this picture is just plain creepy.