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The Guitar God Hast Cometh

Parts of a Guitar

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Here you will learn the basic parts of the electric guitar.


Body of the Guitar

This is the heavy part of the guitar. It is a base for the strings and also has the tone and volume pegs.

Ryan = Guitar God


Neck of the Guitar

This is where the strings run from the body of the guitar to the head of the guitar. The neck has all the frets on it (usually 20-24 frets on a guitar). Depending on which fret you press down on, the string you're pressing will create a different note.


Head of the Guitar.

The head has all of the tuning pegs on it, which make sure the strings are on the correct note when played. They also help anchor the strings to the guitar.


Pickups of the Guitar

The pickups are the shiny, metal things in the middle of the body. Shortly put, the pickups create a magnetic field and when the strings are plucked, it creates somewhat of a ripple effect on the field. These ripples are converted into electricity, which goes through the cord and out through the amplifier.



The most well known amplifier ever created, the Marshall Stack. You can really crank it on this baby.